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This graphic version of Rin del angelito was conceived as a visual poem and Artist’ Book. Composed by the successive stanzas of the original poem intervened in transparent layers, smudges added digitally or with watercolor, the whiteness and the emptiness emphasize the ascending and descending dialogue of the body (earth and flesh) with the complex notion of the soul. The work concludes with language molding a poetic identity of being —language that is at the same time breath, voice, and empty air. This dialogue is framed by a chorus of silence or natural elements which emerge and fade away as the reading goes by. These charged words bring to mind the elevation of the soul as described by Plato in Phaedrus.


Pablo Fante

publishing house

Naranja Publicaciones


the book is compound of a folder/envelope where the author has hand-erased the title with watercolor. Encased inside, 5 hand-sewn booklets printed in Vegetal Curious Clear paper of 140 g. All 5 booklets have been printed in parchment paper.

technical information

16.5 x 16.5 cm
30 numbered copies


MoMA Library (NY, NY, USA)