GRRR by Guillermo Deisler *includes ‘8 poemas de Deisler’ book

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GRRR is a Facsimile reissue of Guillermo Deisler’s artists’ book made in Antofagasta (Chile) in 1969, under the eaves of Ediciones Mimbre (1963-1973)

In this reissue of GRRR, carried out by Naranja Publicaciones after 50 years of its first publication, 500 copies were made that maintain the narration of the original and different printing techniques such as risography, letterpress, screen printing and stamping have been mixed.

*‘8 Poemas de Deisler’ (8 Poems by Deisler) by Guillermo Deisler is the first edition of a book of poems that the artist left unfinished for nearly 50 years. This draft was dated in 1970,  Antofagasta, Chile. The 2020 edition is limited to 150 numbered copies.


Guillermo Deisler (1940-1995)


GRRR:Softcover book, with pop-up and different applications.
*8 poemas de Deisler: cardboard wrapped in recycled paper, plus 8 poems printed in risograph printing.

technical information

GRRR: 21 x 18 cm
500 numbered copies

8 Poemas de Deisler: 10 x 15 cm
150 numbered copies


MoMA Library (NY, NY, USA)
Joan Flasch Artists’ Books Collection (Chicago, IL, USA)
Coleção de Livros de Artista, UFMG (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil)
Firestone Library, Princeton University (NJ, USA)
CEDOC (Santiago, Chile)
University of Iowa (Iowa, USA)