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A la vuelta de la rueda by Christian Compagnon | 

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A la vuelta de la rueda (A spin of the wheel) is at the same time a collection of poems and a manipulated object book. Its text and graphic discourse that challenges reality –that is to say- the veracity of life experience, oscillating among the abysses of disillusion and the force of determination that implies the poetical writing. This is shown by means of a series of graphic elements: removable poems, in sheets with endless variations of reading, a wheel which the reader spins to reveal the content, option poems, and sections in handwritten or strikethrough poems. Everything points to the open reading of the text and to the active role of the modern reader.


Christian Compagnon

publishing house

Naranja Publicaciones


Softcover notebook. Silkscreen print in the cover, digital print inside.

technical information

10 x 14 cm
200 copies


Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University (CN, USA)
Joan Flasch Artists' Books Collection, SAIC,  (IL, USA)
Firestone Library, Princeton University (NJ, USA)