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Instructions to draw your walk by Sofía Garrido is a collaborative publication born from an instructions manual that invite several people to draw their walk, during routes which have been usual in the past, or are usual at the present.

This is a collaborative book, which collects drawings by 37 people who were instructed to draw past or present daily routes based on the movements of their own bodies.

The collected sripes are dictated by the body, not by the mind. They are abstract textures that make visible involuntary gestures, sincere and spontaneous gestures.

The result is an involuntary scan (similar to asemic writing), in which stains, steadiness, and the thickness of the stroke become the narrative elements


Sofía Garrido

publishing house

Naranja Publicaciones


Screen printed plastic bag with a rubber band bound book

technical information

20 x 28 cm
150 numbered copies: 75 copies in spanish - 75 copies in english


MoMA Library (NY, USA)