Gabinete de algunas contradicciones diarias by Catalina Mena| 

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Artist’s book by Catalina Mena limited to 3 unique copies.

Gabinete de algunas contradicciones diarias (Cabinet of Some Daily Contradictions) is a winged book in leporello format that stems from the artist’s queries about socially-established cultural ideas around the domestic and the feminine.

This way, Mena’s work advances a contrast between two significant ideas: wings as an element linked to freedom and enjoyment, which invites reflection on the human desire to transcend. Meanwhile, the knife as a functional object comes to build the contradiction. Generating a dialogue between life and death and reality and dreams, the work serves as a hinge between survival and defense, ultimately prompting us to reflect on the atmosphere and fragility that form our reality.


Catalina Mena

publishing house

Naranja Publicaciones


cardboard clamshell box, metal knife, die-cut foam accordion book framed in bronze, mixed technics.

technical information

54 x 34 x 9 cm (box closed);
Book size: 23 x 41 x 4,5 cm (closed),
134 x 23 cm (extended)
3 copies