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This publication is the result of the piece “La montaña que no cupo” (The mountain that did not fit) by visual artist Macarena Cortés. The present edition has been developed along with Casa en Blanco editorial team, from 2017 until April 2018. It was manufactured at their headquarters in Santiago, Chile, with careful dedication and attention to detail in each of the copies, both in quality as a series and in its uniqueness.


Macarena Cortés

publishing house

Casa en Blanco


A single, seven-meter long roll of 200gsm, matte-white photographic paper, printed in a plotter using pigment-based black ink has been folded to create the interior; while the exterior lids were crafted as boxes of black, 3.1mm cardboard, serigraphed on white ink by La Mano Ediciones using EB Garamond SC for the title and colophon.

technical information

21 x 16 cm