Knopfe (el subconsciente por sobre la razón) by Magdalena Isaacson Labarthe |  

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This delicate piece was requested to be exhibited overseas, and because of this its development happened in very different conditions from the others. With a profoundly incorporated technique and a small timeframe to explore, Isaacson concentrated all of her resources reaching a new personality in her work. The finishing touches in the composition, diagramation and page makeup revealed a step from intuition to an unmistakably personal style. The literary experience of this piece is sustained by the authenticity of its personality. The relationship between image and object is even closer, and widen the interpretation to a state where the emotional and timeless, seem to bring back memories or dream instants of the person handling this book.


Magdalena Isaacson Labarthe

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intervened fabric book

technical information

one of a kind
27 x 34 cm