Synecdotheque by Martín La Roche and Jacqueline Machado de Souza |  

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Synecdotheque is the result of merging the English word synecdoche and the french word bibliothèque.
This name was chosen for an installation presented by the artists during the exhibition Felicidade Clandestina at Boekhandel Dominicanen, a bookshop inside the dominican church of Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Machado and La Roche worked with images from their daily practices of producing photographs, drawing, prints, books and videos, resulting in a associative set-up. Displayed on a construction specifically conceived for bookshelves, they incorporate these visual collections in the Boekhandel Dominicanen, inserting external materials into the shop’s interior as if they would be writing footnotes or marginalia in a book.


Martín La Roche and Jacqueline Machado de Souza

publishing house

Good Neighbour Amsterdam


Softcover book

technical information

300 copies
17 x 20 cm